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Silent Diesel Generator Manufacturer.
Quality is our First Priority!

Diesel Generators

Our Products comply with the highest quality standards, we have experience ! Diesel Power at work!
Our personnel is experienced, and can assist in any power needs.
All our products is guaranteed and support is available 24 hours a day.
We know logistics and can support and supply on any demand.
For the best quality and workmanship, look no further.

The Best Quality Generator Sets

We build quality, we are proud of our products. That is why we use only quality components in our products. We do not compromise and the highest quality workmanship is monitored and implemented, to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Diesel Power at work!

When Buying a Standby diesel Generator set, whether a small household generator, or a mid-range generator, or a big industrial diesel generator for a large shopping complex or Mine, or a mobile generator for your rental company, you need peace of mind. We at Newtontech Power know how valuable is your time, therefore all our diesel generators is quality checked by professional personnel. All the components and parts is carefully selected and fitted. There is no margin for error, we build diesel generators to last. We have various options available to suit any application, and our generator panels and built in panels is user friendly. Latest Generator technology, why is this important? If you just need a generator to run once a year maybe not, but if you need a generator to really standby we recommend quality and the latest technology to be built into your generator!

First off all, fuel economy, like in the old days generator engine technology was less advanced before, and therefore not all the engines was fuel efficient, today we also have fuel emissions standards especially in Europe and Western Countries, today you save money on running costs because of fuel efficient and advanced design engines and components! Brushless Diesel Generators, no need to maintain the alternators, saves time and money. Digital AVR, for a reliable voltage band, and generator monitoring. Laser cut silent generator bodies and chassis; do you need a generator body part? We can supply any Generator parts for all our diesel Generators. Generator Controller Technology, programmable options to suit your needs. Generators synchronization options available. Generator technologies that work for you! Our diesel generators will deliver!

Key factors about diesel generators: first is its speed, you get 3000 rpm and 1500 rpm diesel generators, this determine the frequency at 50Hz. 60 Hz generators runs at 1800 rpm with a 4 pole alternator. We specialize in generators that use diesel fuel. The advantage of diesel is, the generator is more fuel efficient than petrol generators, and is easier to store. Diesel engines use a fuel injection system to get the fuel into the combustion chamber, where petrol generators mostly still use a carburettor, especially the cheaper models. You get petrol engines that is fuel injected, but it is on the more advanced engines, not common with small generators. Another factor is reliability, low speed generators is bigger and heavier than the 3000 rpm sets, but at this low speed ensures a longer life span, and much less noise that the high speed generators. We specialize in low speed silent diesel generators. Our generators is manufactured with the following in mind: reliability, silent, compact, easy to maintain, competitive price and after sales service. Contact Us today for the best diesel generator prices and quality service.

Our Company is based in Pretoria East, Newtontech gen sets is fitted with the latest model engines and alternators, therefore you can be assured that you only get the latest technology and fuel efficient gen sets. We have tested our complete range for durability and load, we only work with prime power as a basis and you can be assured that when we specify a generator on a specific Kva at prime rate, that machine will deliver that specified rate constantly. The alternator and engine has been tested on proto development and is certified. Our stainless steel fuel tanks is pressure tested and certification is available on request.









We bring a personal and effective approach to every product we sell, which is why our clients love us.
Solar and Alternative Energy Supply and Installations.
Diesel Generators and Installations
Field Service and Repairs
Remote Monitoring for generators.

Newtontech Power

Support and sales on Product Monitoring, ATS and AMF Panels. Some brand names are Lovato, Hagar, Deep Sea Electronics. For professional and quality service, talk to us! Just scroll down to our contacts page or Call us today and put us to the test!

Product monitoring at remote areas is possible with our wireless modules that is optional on all our generators. It uses the Cell phone network and an monthly subscription is needed. Especially far ends of our continent. All our Small oil cooled Deutz Engine Units have 1000 hours oil change interval that helps for hard to reach places.

With our part numbering system it is easy to identify and supply any of our parts. Service kits available. As we use top brand engines and components it is easy and fast to support our products, support available 24 hours. Remote monitoring for our products far and in remote areas. You can rely on Newtontech Power for quality and reliability.

Our Durable Welding Machines will give you productivity when you need it the most, with on board power supply up to 15 Kva and 500A DC Welding Current. Various Options available. Mobile Power options up to 500 Kva

Our generator welder range consist from light duty construction type welder generator combos, from 170A AC up to 500A DC Heavy Duty. Talk to us for your mobile generator or industrial needs, We can deliver our generators anywhere in South Africa.

We provide diesel generators at very competitive prices, and we have a comprehensive range to suit your needs. As you would expect from Newtontech Power, our quality is our pride, we build leading synchronous machines. Every synchronous generator is a piece of art, with the latest technologies and quality workmanship you will be rest assured!

We are based in Pretoria East, but we supply and support all our products all over South Africa.

Generators, Solar panels, Inverters and installation.
Turnkey solutions for your alternative and standby power needs.

Alternative and Standby Energy solutions.

We offer complete turnkey solutions for alternative and standby power options.

Our complete range generators use renowned engines and Stamford alternators. Engine brands: Volvo, Cummins, Deutz and John Deere.

Our generator sets is design for standby or continues use.

AMF Controllers is only Deep Sea Electronics.

Small Range Silent Generators up to 25Kva

Our small range diesel generators,
from 12.5Kva up to 25Kva, Engines used is Deutz, and the 25Kva use the Cummins X2.5 Diesel engine.

Diesel Generator 40Kva up to 80Kva

Reliable silent generator range.
Engine choices is: Cummins, Deutz, John Deere and Volvo, Volvo only available on the 80Kva Model.
Unique features consist of built in AMF Panel, Large stainless steel fuel tank, fail safe anti vibration mountings.
Easy access for maintenance and services.

Gen Sets 100Kva to 150Kva

Robust and reliable generator for small to large businesses.
Powered by the legend of engines, the Cummins 6BTAA5.9 series engine.
This range is fitted with a Woodward governor with optimum load capability’s and response times.
Easy Service access, Large Stainless Steel Fuel Tank, Built in AMF Panel

200 and 250Kva Volvo Generators

Engines from Germany, the technology and reliability that you can expect from Volvo.
Features include 700L stainless steel fuel tank, AMF panel integrated, and robust design.
Alternator technology from Stamford, reliable technology with the best support.

Large Diesel Power Units: 300Kva up to 800Kva.

Stylish robust design, Compact and reliable. State of art exhaust system ensures optimal performance without unnecessary noise levels.
Large stainless steel fuel tank, 1400L to 1600L
Engine options: Volvo and Cummins.
High tensile base frame.

Heavy Generator Sets 1000Kva to 2000Kva.

This range only use Cummins Engines.
Easy access for maintenance and services.
Robust design.

Solar Panels and Installation.

High quality solar panels and installation services.
Quality mount systems.
Custom design solar Mount systems.

Solar Inverters

We supply and install Solar Inverters and Battery systems.
Custom Battery pack Brackets and containers.

Turn Key Solutions

Installations for generators and solar systems.
Off grid and grid tie systems.
Services includes Rigging and transport for generators.
Generator service and repairs.




Engine Protection,

Low Fuel Warning,

Unique Design,


Integrated AMF Panel,

Solar Power,


Parts Support and Repairs
Parts and support for our complete range of products and generators.
Technical support a phone call away any time.
Genuine Parts
Genuine Parts
We at Newtontech support the use of genuine parts,
parts available on our complete range of generators sets.
From engine parts to all electrical parts.
Down time is not an option.
Technical Support and Service
Support any time.
Technical support and advice a phone call away 7 days a week.
Field support and service available on all our generator sets country wide.
Phone Today: 0824432297
Generators support
Support and Service
Diesel Generator Repairs
Generator Repairs
Generator Repairs
We repair all known brand Diesel Generators and Engines.
Engine repairs from miner to complete new engine rebuilds, some renowned older model engines welcome.
Electrical repairs an AC and DC circuits.

Diesel Generators Sales
Installations and Rigging
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Why Buy From Us?

You can be assured that the generator is only manufactured from renowned components and parts. This will ensure parts and service when you need it.

After sales service and technical advice 7 days a week.

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